Hello. In touch team Mulligan-eSport. In June of this year, computer sports in the world moved to a new stage of development. Cybersport was entered in the register of official sports. One of the most popular disciplines in this area is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Championships are held regularly, and prizes for winning range from a few thousand to a million dollars.

Today we will publish a review of CS GO, where we will talk about the game as a whole and explain the reasons for its popularity. And at the end we will give one life hacking – read carefully.

A little about the basics of the game

Initially, a small guide for beginners. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer online first-person shooter. Release date of the CS GO – August 2012. More than four years have passed, but the game remains popular today: various tournaments and competitions attract a multimillion audience from different countries.

The main idea of ​​the game is to conduct a counter-terrorist operation in a separate location. The operation involved terrorists and special forces. Terrorists must detonate a bomb, hold hostages, or flick on special forces, and special forces must prevent terrorists from carrying out their plans.

The fighting takes place on maps, where each team must perform a specific task. In order to accomplish it, you will have to try – other players will interfere with all their forces, shoot from every corner, throw grenades and come in from the flanks and attack in the back.

CS: GO is a logical continuation of CS 1.6 and Source. The developers have combined all the best, finalized the gameplay and added the game to Steam. New realistic graphics and detailed maps allow each user to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of confrontation.

Any shooter can not do without cool guns, and CS: GO is no exception. In the arsenal of terrorists and special forces weapons for every taste: pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, automatic and sniper rifles. The most popular ones are AK-47, M4A4, M4A4-S, AWP, Scar 20. Note that each player must learn to shoot accurately from all types of weapons – it is not always possible to buy a favorite gun.

To make it more comfortable for users to compete, the game has a system of titles and ranks that shows the level of skill. This system allows gamers of the same level to fight with the same players as they are. The rank rises when you get the next level. To get the level you need to conduct battles and earn experience for victories and defeats.

There are 18 stages of development. Accordingly, the higher the level, the more credibility. Also, there is a system of profile ranks. For each increase in such rank Steam gives a bonus in the form of a skin or graffiti.

What’s new?

The principles have not changed – weapons are bought and immediately put into battle. The main changes are related to the gameplay. Compared to CS 1.6 and Source, Valve Studio:

  • Changed the accuracy of certain types of weapons.
  • Added incendiary grenades.
  • They introduced the ability to change the appearance of weapons – the so-called skins.
  • Combined transactions for the purchase and sale of skins, graffiti and other attributes on the trading platform Steam. Now you can buy or sell an item for rubles, and spend the profits from the sale on another game.
  • Finished tournaments and championships – now you can watch the battles of teams live, take part in tournaments and even broadcast the video of your game to other people.

The main difference is the official modes of Global Offensive. There are five of them in total, and each person must perform a specific task:

  • Competitive – a small championship spirit of teams of five.
  • Normal – standard mode, as in previous versions.
  • The arms race is a chaotic regime with instant respawn and random weapons.
  • Fight to death – the battle of two teams, instant respawn. The weapon improves after one or two frags.
  • Destruction of the object – the same battle to the death plus you need to perform a combat mission.

CS GO has become more realistic, the graphics are pleasing to the eye and do not spoil the gaming experience. The design of maps, weapons and models is redesigned so that the game resembles a real picture of the fighting. Here is an example: Dust 2 resembles a dilapidated Aleppo, and the Office is a provincial city somewhere in the north of the United States.

Pros and reasons for popularity

Since 2012, the CS GO acquired nearly 14 million users. The interest of people is explained by the simplicity of the gameplay, quick adaptation, and the team spirit of the competition.

The main advantages of CS GO:

  • An intuitive interface that does not cause problems even for novice users.
  • Regular updates, in which developers modify the balance and correct mistakes, make the game better.
  • Since the first version of Counter-Strike won the love among the players, which only intensified with each new part of the game.
  • The introduction of skins attracted a large number of players who had previously bypassed this shooter side.
  • Various organizations hold tournaments with prizes ranging from 10 thousand to a million dollars.

And cons

In CS: GO there are several problems that players face. For many people, the main problem is the cost of Counter-Strike. The price of a license key in Steam is 449 rubles. It seems to be a little bit, but people prefer to look for pirates and download hacked versions from torrents. If you go this way, then play on the official servers will not work.

Shooting is a challenge for newbies. It will take a lot of time and effort spent in training on ai maps. The same applies to general training – with a few hours a day, a person will be able to achieve good results in a few months. And after that you can already try your hand at various tournaments.

It is difficult to adapt – at first it will be very difficult to get into someone or destroy. The servers are played by different people, but most of them are experienced players who send reps of 3-5 people per round. Therefore, you first need to properly train in a battle with bots, understand the interface and learn to shoot, and only then move on to online battles with other people. But at the same time in online battles with other people you can quickly understand the tactics and features of shooting from different weapons.


CS GO is much better than previous versions, if you compare the graphics, design and gameplay. The entire series became popular back in the 2000s, and now the complexity and entertainment has increased several times. The main “chips” remained unchanged – tactics, teamwork and shooting accuracy.

Life hacking – the most experience can be obtained in a competitive mode. Experience in two or three matches won, taking into account the multiplying factors, is enough for one level. Try to fill as many frags as possible and win. But even if you lose, you will get more experience than winning in any other mode.

To achieve good results, you need to train a lot and hone your skills. Ordinary players buy the most expensive weapons and go into battle, while the professionals fight with one weapon all the time and train to shoot straight and avoid enemy fire. It is difficult, but very interesting.

For beginners and experienced players, we have prepared a series of articles on CS: GO. In the next issues we will talk about configuring the config, console commands and cheats, explain how to win at roulette, reveal the secrets and nuances of the game. Stay in touch. If you have something to add – write opinions and reviews in the comments. All success, bye bye.

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