Dota 2 review – the most popular game of our time

Dota 2 review – the most popular game of our time

Welcome, dear readers. In May of this year, the next Dota 2 Championship will take place. The prize fund of the past tournament was 28 million dollars. Cool? Not that word!

For the opening of a new tournament, the team our site has prepared a lot of exciting material on the game. And we begin our review of Dot 2 with a general description of the game, and when you read it completely, you will understand why this game is so popular among players from all over the world. Sit back, we begin.

Story line? No, not heard

Imagine that the storyline is completely absent. Instead of many hours of passing the plot, you immediately fall into the arena of the battle of the forces of good and evil. We immediately say that there is no fundamental difference between them, and the choice of the side is carried out randomly. Much more important in this game is not the side for which you play, but the hero that is under your control. That is why it is important to choose the right character. We will talk about how to do this later.

The vast majority of characters are modified copies of the heroes and conventional units of WarCraft 3, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as its own background. Thus, the main feature of Dota 2 is not in the plot, but in its characters and gameplay.

We tell about the gameplay

Dota is a team game. Immediately after the start of the game, teams enter the arena of the battle of the forces of Light (Radiant) and Darkness (Dire). Battles take place in the format of 5 to 5, and can last from 40-50 minutes to several hours. The task of each team is to destroy the throne of their opponents.

Before you go into battle, you need to choose a hero from 111 characters. By the way, the 112th hero will be coming soon. The choice is impressive! Over time, you will learn to make the right choice based on who will stand up to you. Each character has at least 4 abilities, with the possibility of strengthening each of them. And the higher the level of ability or spell, the greater the effect it gives. We will tell you more about the characters and their skills in our next articles – it will be interesting!

In the battle, your hero will receive experience points for which you can learn new skills and spells. And after the end of the game, the whole experience is reset, and the next time you will have to start the hero’s “pumping” again. This is a key feature of Dota, thanks to which each battle is unique.

In addition to experience points, your character will receive gold, which can be purchased artifacts in the shop. These artifacts increase the stats of the hero and provide additional abilities, so you can’t do without them. But to buy everything will not work, because the volume of the backpack is limited to 6 items. On the map there are several shops. One shop on the base, one shop on the lines top and bottom, and two secret shops.

All actions occur on the same location. In the lower left corner is the base of the forces of light, and in the upper right – the citadel of the forces of darkness. The bases are communicated in three passes: the upper (top), central (mid), and bottom (bottom). On each line there are 2 towers, and units (creeps) of the forces of Light and Darkness move along these lines. The opposing territories are separated by a river flowing exactly in the middle of the map.

At the beginning of the game, the main collisions of creeps and heroes take place on the river, and only then the fighting moves closer to the bases. The thrones of the forces of Light and Darkness are strengthened even more, so it’s not so easy to get through to them. But you have to destroy them to win – in the following articles, read about how to do it.

Additional intrigue introduces fog of war, because of which you can not see what is happening throughout the territory. This fog “dissipates” only at a small radius from heroes, allied units, buildings and wards.

Reasons for popularity

Dota 2 is not the first MOVA game – Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena. But what made it so popular among other online games?

  • The MOBA genre itself is relatively new and combines the strategy and role-playing part that attracts fans of these genres.
  • Exciting and driving gameplay, makes players return again and again.
  • Dota 2 has no special competitors in its field, except, perhaps, League of Legends. The rest of the projects of this genre are a little underdeveloped to their level.
  • Permanent tournaments with huge prize pools make excellent advertising. For example, during The International, the stream of this event can be seen on the main This event attracts millions of players from all over the world, which makes DotA even more popular.

We could find quite a few flaws. Someone may not agree with us, and count more, but so far the results are as follows:

Your team may be an aggressive and unbalanced person who will interfere and give unflattering comments. This sometimes happens, so you need to be calm – it can be a streamer, which thus attracts people to its stream. For such personalities there is a useful option. Called “mute”. This way you can silence the microphone and messages of any player of your team. That is, you will not hear him and will not see the message from him in the chat.

You can “hang” in DotA hours for 5, or even lose track of time. Whether this is a disadvantage or not is up to you.

In any case, there are more pluses than minuses. This is confirmed by the number of active players, the number of which exceeded 11 million people – this is a lot. A championship broadcast attracts a huge number of fans of e-sports around the world, which gives an even greater influx of people into the project.

As already mentioned, we have prepared many useful articles that will be useful both for beginners and experienced players. Wait for the next article in a few days, where we will talk about the system requirements of the game.

Write your comments, we will discuss. And, perhaps, in a year or two our materials and discussions will help you become champions in Dota 2. We wish you all success. See you soon, bye bye.

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