FIFA 19 Review

FIFA 19 Review

Every year, Electronic Arts releases annual updates for its sports simulators. It happened this time. Let’s see what’s new in FIFA 19, how it differs from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, and whether to buy it.

What’s new in FIFA 19

Champions League and Europa League

The main holiday for football fans of the old world is, of course, the Champions League and the Europa League. The best European teams compete with each other for the title of the best on the continent, while, as you know, the winner of the Europa League gets the right to play in the most prestigious European tournament – the Champions League next year.

Most recently, only Konami, the creator of the Pro Evolution Soccer game, exclusively licensed the Champions League and the Europa League. But at the game exhibition E3 2018, which took place in the summer in Los Angeles, EA cheered the fans by saying that the two main European tournaments will appear exclusively in FIFA 19 – fans of a football simulator can finally play a full-fledged tournament for their favorite club.

In FIFA 19 for the Champions League, they even highlighted a separate menu. You can play as a full tournament, and start from a certain stage – the group stage, or immediately proceed to the playoffs. The entourage of the Champions League on the spot – as soon as the teams enter the field from the room below the stand and stand in the center, the famous Champions League anthem plays, and during the match the advertising boards show Sony advertising (the official sponsor of the League) and other sponsors of the UEFA Champions League . After the end of the tournament, as expected, the winning team gets the Cup. And it’s great that now in the main football simulator you can feel all this amazing atmosphere for yourself.

The final part of the Journey mode

Journey mode, which first appeared in FIFA 17, received the third and final part. In it, the main character Alex Hunter leaves Manchester United’s home club and signs a contract with the winner of the Champions League of the last 3 years – Real Madrid. They say that EA had to quickly redo this mode – the main star of Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo left the club and moved to Juventus in Turin. And according to the plot, it was Cristiano who was supposed to become a mentor and mentor of a talented novice.

Now this role is assigned to other Real stars – Marcelo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzem and the rest. As usual, after completing Journey you will receive Alex Hunter’s non-salable card for the FIFA Ultimate Team. And this Ultimate Team, by the way, is one of the most popular modes of a football simulator, in which a huge number of people play: in it you can create your own football team and buy those players you want. The main idea of ​​the regime is teamwork of football players: you are being pushed to take players from the same league or one nationality so that they interact better on the football field. And now Alex Hunter will get the best teamwork with the players of the championship of Spain, not of England.

What should be noted separately is the marketing of EA. As soon as it became known that Hunter was switching to Real Madrid, the Madrid club began the official sale of T-shirts with the name of a virtual team member in his club shop. And they are in great demand. The wonders of monetization!

Updated gameplay

It would be strange if EA didn’t work on the gameplay, either. The two main “chips” of the updated FIFA 19 are Active Touch and Timed Finishing.

Active Touch is a system that is responsible for how skillfully and quickly a player handles and takes the ball. More technical players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, can now make decisions on the field in just minutes. FIFA 19 has become even more like real football. True, it is not clear whether Neymar simulates as well as in reality.

Timed Finishing is a completely redesigned shock system. Now in order to hit the goal as accurately as possible, there are two ways – the old one, where you clamped the impact button and released it at the right moment, and a new one. And here a good reaction is useful to you – a special strip will appear above the footballer. To strike, also, as before, you need to click on the appropriate button, and then quickly release it. After that, press again when the indicator moves to the green zone.

It looks simple only in words, at least in the beta version I have not learned how to correctly use Timed Finishing. We hope that later this abstruse system will be refined and improved, but it is already clear that players who perfectly master this element will receive a huge advantage over those who use the old system of strikes. So, we are not going anywhere – everyone will have to relearn.

There is also good news for those who like tactics with various football schemes. In FIFA 19 you can save several frequently used schemes and switch between them right during a football match. It is unlikely that innovation will be appreciated by ordinary players, but for lovers of tactics and strategies, and, in particular, for cybersportsmen, it will be very useful.

EA has always sought to have as many people as possible play in FIFA. After all, every year this series brings Canadians millions of dollars – primarily due to the sales of “packs” – sets of football players in the FIFA Ultimate Team for your team. And if before an obstacle to immersing in FIFA was rather complicated and confusing for inexperienced game management, now there is good news for them. In FIFA 19, a special “one-button” control mode was added, primarily aimed not at professionals, but at those who play the simulator for the first time in their lives.

Battle Royal

Haha, in football, aha! But wait to throw sneakers at developers and turn up your nose with the words “another Battle Royal, there are already a lot of them.” In FIFA 19, a special royal battle.

It consists of the following: two teams go to the football field, and after that you can customize the game as you please. For example, to completely turn off the judge (the yellow and red cards will not be shown) or vice versa, to remove offsides. If you are wondering how modern football would look like without this rule, you will enjoy the chaos on the field of unusual gameplay. Even in this mode, you can make it so that the football player who scored a goal leaves the field – the opponent gets an advantage and tries to win.

When an opponent scores his goal, then a player of his team leaves the field. And so on until there are no players left on the field. Isn’t it fun?

FIFA 19 or PES 2019: What’s cooler?

It depends on what you like best. If you like fast and dynamic football with a lot of goals and a large number of licensed clubs, then definitely FIFA. The EA football simulator is much faster than the game Konami – in PES 2019 there are very few goals that are scored and therefore the score 0-0 is in the order of things. In FIFA, you can easily play with the score 6-4, and this is much more fun than the dull, but more realistic 0:0.

Should I buy FIFA 19?

If you are a football fan, then definitely worth a try. Whoever said anything, and computer football has progressed greatly over the years, has become more like reality. And the one-button control mode, which we talked about above, allows even those who never had a joystick in their hands to play without too much difficulty.

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