PUBG Review

PUBG Review

March 23, 2017 in the service of Steam, in the section of early access, appeared Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which pretty quickly took first place in the top sales, and also received a lot of positive feedback from players and gaming press. Not spared its side and streamers with letspleyrami: you can verify this by going to the same twitch or any game channel on youtube. It would seem that late-access products, to put it mildly, have been disliked recently, and such an attitude towards them can be understood: it suffices to recall the same DayZ Standalone. What is the reason for the popularity of PUBG? Let’s try to figure it out.

The developer of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is Korean studio Bluehole Inc., known for creating the MMORPG “TERA”, it also acted as a publisher. Brendan “Playerunknown” Green, who previously created the Battle Royale mod for ArmA 3, took the post of chief designer. Brendan, seeing the popularity of his brainchild, decided not to lag behind and make a full-fledged game of fashion. Nothing like?

Meaning of the game

The essence remains the same: 100 players are dropped from the aircraft, after landing (the parachute opens automatically, so that at this stage you will not leave to die) you need to get equipment and stay alive. It is worth noting that the trajectory of its flight varies from match to match, so it is unlikely that you will think about the landing site in advance. It would seem that everything is too simple and the game should quickly get bored, however, PUBG has some special features. And the first of them is striking even in the menu: these are command game modes. Yes, you heard right – the developers decided to move away from the standard free-for-all concept and introduced the 2×2 and 4×4 modes, allowing you to fight side by side with your comrades. And this move helped to solve the problem of cooperating players, which was found in the original fashion. Under each mode, separate servers are allocated, so that a loner will no longer come face to face with a pair or four opponents.

The map is impressive in its size: the player has two islands, the first of which is filled with small and large cities and private houses, there was also a place for ruins and even power stations. On the second island is a military base of impressive size, the largest number of players are trying to land on it. True, it is worth noting that visually the cities do not differ much, there are not so many building models, because of which they repeat. On the other hand, in every house you can go in and explore all the rooms and floors – this approach definitely deserves praise.

Of course, the scope of this island is incomparable with the locations from ArmA 3, but it’s a dubious pleasure to navigate through it. Fortunately, caring developers prepared equipment for us, including: UAZ, passenger Dacia, double buggy, a motorcycle with a sidecar and a boat. Not to say that this is too impressive a park, but the game is not about cars, so there is a lot of equipment left over. They are placed very evenly throughout the map, and getting a vehicle is not a difficult task, even if you do not know the points of its appearance.

Weapons in the game

But what is definitely good is the weapon, because here we have an entire arsenal of 4 assault rifles, 4 submachine guns, 3 shotguns, 4 sniper rifles, machine gun, crossbow and 3 pistols. The barrels really differ from each other in their characteristics, each of them has both pluses and minuses, so that everyone can find a gun for himself. About the body kits for them, the developers also did not forget, each barrel can be equipped with a sight (of which there are also many), an enlarged shop, a compensator, etc., which will make its use more comfortable in certain situations.
Present here are also 3 types of grenades: frag, smoke and light-noise and Molotov cocktail. The developers did not forget about the melee weapons, however, at the moment it is absolutely useless. The fact is that to get some no, but still firearms, is not a problem. It is much more convenient to find the same gun than to try to repel an opponent using a frying pan or a scythe.

The recoil of the weapon is felt, and in general it’s very nice to shoot from various guns, especially considering their sound. Of course, the game doesn’t have too realistic ballistics, however, it’s not too casual shooting either. From getting the equipment, worn on the player, spoils and, ultimately, can completely become useless.

The equipment available in the game can be divided into three parts. We will put clothes on the first one – it is absolutely useless (not counting sniper camouflage) and is needed only for character customization. Its current amount is quite enough to put on a little bar to your taste. In the second, we write down useful wardrobe items, namely, a helmet, body armor and a backpack. They are of three levels, respectively, the higher the level, the better the characteristics of the object. In armor and helmets, this is expressed in how much damage they can take. In backpacks – in their capacity. The third includes medicines, ammunition and body kits for weapons, which have already been mentioned above.

Game feature

The local system of medicine also deserves a couple of words. In addition to standard first-aid kits (there are large and small, according to the number of replenished health) in the game there are energy and painkillers. Their use fills the local analogue of the scale of endurance. At first, this gives only a slight increase in the speed of movement, however, having filled the scale to the end, the player also receives health regeneration. This becomes especially useful in the later stages, where each shot can decide the outcome of the match, and the exchange of fire between players becomes more frequent.

The local system of the “safe zone” contributes to this development of dynamics, the essence of which is as follows: an area appears on the map, the boundaries of which are indicated by a white circle. A blue circle begins to move toward it, a stay beyond which is life-threatening: damage is caused to unhurried players. After the boundaries of the blue and white circles match, players are given some time, and a new safe zone, but of a smaller diameter, appears in a random place inside the current one. The speed of movement of this very blue zone and the damage inflicted to players outside it increase with each next stage, and the amount of time allowed for players to get to a safe place decreases. This continues until the safe zone reaches the minimum diameter, unless, of course, the players kill each other before.

Such a system is good because it successfully creates unique game situations: you can never guess where the next zone will appear. Accordingly, it is impossible to prepare in advance, take a universal position, and so on; it is constantly necessary to adapt to the new conditions dictated by the game. In addition, she successfully pushes players to battles with each other, makes them constantly in motion and does not give time for meaningless and boring camping. From time to time a small red circle appears on the map – the shelling zone. On the players located in it, shells begin to pour from the sky, however, you can hide from them in any building, as well as manage to escape before the bombing itself.

The game was created on the Unreal Engine 4, and its graphic component is very happy, but to enjoy the beauty of the sea, sitting on the shore of a rocky beach, or wheat field, of which there are many, interferes with optimization, due to which the settings have to be reduced almost to the minimum even the owners far from the weakest computers.

Bluehole Inc., taking into account the experience of competitors, is not going to keep their project in early access for a long time and promise to release the final version of the game in 6 months. Now they are working hard on their offspring: they release patches that fix bugs and add new content to the game (for example, Vintorez, a favorite of many VSS players, was recently added). Of course, PUBG is interesting to play at the current stage, especially in command modes, but I want to believe that the developers will keep their word, and in six months good optimization, new game mechanics, various maps and modes, and a large amount of content will wait for us.

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