Review: EA Sports UFC

Review: EA Sports UFC

Once again we have to make a small console trip, because Electronic Arts indulges us the new UFC Game unfortunately only on the NextGen consoles and not on the PC. What the franchise has to offer in the first attempt under the flag of EA Sports, you read in our judgment.

EA Sports UFC is the successor of THQ’s UFC games after the license was sold to EA by the insolvent publisher. The latter of course have plenty of experience with compelling sports games and treat the new EA Sports UFC with the great Ignite Engine, which also made FIFA 19 a spectacle on NextGens. EA Sports UFC looks equally great on Playstation 4 and XBOX One and the presentation of the fighters and arenas is unparalleled in the fighting genre.

EA Sports UFC offers a comprehensive, but unfortunately hardly sufficient tutorial, because the gameplay is extremely complex and hardly suitable for those who consider EA Sports UFC as a spanking game that you can just intervene in between. Because EA Sports UFC is a true-to-life simulation that wants to be learned in many hours before you can record it in online mode with others. The well-staged career mode also serves as a story mode and extended tutorial, in which you learn to deal with his self-made fighter and improved it with development points to make him the Ultimate Fighter champion. Numerous stars from the current UFC Roster are available as opponents.

The fight in EA Sports UFC is much more complex than you would expect in a fighting game. The skill points of the fighters are important, but more important are timing and your own skills on the gamepad. Who does not master the individual combat phases, even against the AI ​​hardly has a chance. While standing, EA Sports UFC is still more like a normal fighting game, because it has to be beaten and kicked. In the Grapple as well as on the ground and in submission maneuvers, a strategy comes to fruition, to which non-MMA fans have to get used to. But if you let it go, EA Sports UFC will be a game of great long-term motivation. Regrettably, however, the fighting lacks a bit of dynamism and power. We have seen better in older boxing games and also in the predecessors of THQ.

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