Verdict – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Verdict – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Better late than never. It took a while, because I’ve just come to Wolfenstein: The New Order to gamble, but here is still my opinion of the shooter. By the way, the Nazis built huge robots and won the war. Do not you think so? Well then Wolfenstein: The New Order and let you teach a better one.

That’s a thing with fictional history. The line between “Hell Yeah” and “old Swede is that silly” is always quite narrow in such a case. So it is all the more gratifying that Wolfenstein: The New Order never deviates from this fine line and conjures a pretty cool, fictitious story on the screen. For in Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Nazis won the war and hold the world with fat robots in their iron grip.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – B.J. Blazkowicz still has it
As always, you slip into the skin of William Joseph “B.J” Blazkowicz and go for an action-packed Nazi hunt. Anything that gets moved with one of the many different weapons that you can “dual” in most cases, just barked away. Thus, the basic concept, which has been attracting more or less successfully through the Wolfenstein Games for years, has been explained on the whole. Wolfenstein has some small special features: The New Order but still to offer.

It starts with the fact that Wolfenstein: The New Order is staged quite impressively and is permeated with many cutscenes and a nice story. The mix of humor and sometimes quite violent story elements, in combination with the sometimes really interesting characters, forms a solid framework for a good shooter. The fact that you can simply cut parts of the environment with a kind of sweat-ratchet, provides in Wolfenstein: The New Order every now and then for some variety. Although I would have liked a bit more variety, the design of the level. Clearly gray walls and martial-looking building complexes match the theme of the game, but one to two more levels in the imposing outdoor areas would not have hurt either. For every time you look at Wolfenstein’s magnificently realized world, The New Order, at least I wish I could go there on a Nazi hunt.

But that’s only half as much, because if Wolfenstein: The New Order does something really good, then it’s probably action. And that’s what it all comes down to in an official shooter. Not true Call of Duty? Less bombast cinema and a little more shooter would do you good again.

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